My name is India Sky, I am an interdisciplinary artist, arts organizer, producer/director and educator.  My work is grounded in lifting up legacies and narratives of Black, brown, queer and trans people of color, as well as creating worlds where our visions and radical imaginations can thrive.

I have been teaching, performing and producing shows and workshops led by and for QTBIPOC for over 15 years through my work as Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Topsy Turvy Queer Circus, as well as through my weekly QTPOC pole classes, and personal artistc practice. Over the past 7 years especially, I have grown tremendously while living in Oakland CA where I have been able to develop and actualize my artistic visions and contribute my work as a dancer, music maker, director, choreographer, filmmaker and educator to my community and beyond.

Now, I am asking for your support as I begin a new journey in my work. I will be moving to London at the end of September to pursue a Masters in Artist Film at Goldsmiths University. The program I will be attending is project based, and so for the next year I will be leveling up my skillsets and knowledge, while also creating new work. The films I will be creating will include choreography, original music, and site specific performance and will center Black, femme and queer narratives. This will be an extension of the work I have been doing for years, and also a major leap into a new chapter of my artistic practice and creative dreams.

In order for me to make this happen I am reaching out to my community for support.  While I am stying I will be able to work part time on a student visa, however I need to raise $8,000 to support moving and living expenses, and to bring in other QTBIPOC artists into my projects.  As I have prepared for this journey ahead I have been reflecting on how abundant my community is – in knowledge, skills, resources and care. I am stepping into a lot of unknowns, but I am certain that with your support I will be able to create the work that is calling.

I am beyond excited and nervous to spread my wings and be challenged in this next step. I know that this opportunity will have a huge impact on me as well as my collaborators and community, and will afford me with tools and resources that will be game changing. Know that I have your support means the world to me, whether it be through a donation, or shout out, or intention.

Thank you,

India Sky